Celebrate denver beating kansas city

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The Chiefs have a lot going for them, most notably the fact they have won 25 of their past 27 games, including last year's Super Bowl. Oddsmakers have the Chiefs favored to win by at least a field goal Sunday, despite the game being played at the Bucs' home, Raymond James Stadium. History, though, suggests the Chiefs will lose. The barrier of becoming a repeat champion has been difficult for winners to break for myriad reasons -- lack of focus and taking every team's best shot among them -- as coaches such as Pete Carroll and players such as Shannon Sharpe will attest.

But if the Chiefs under quarterback Patrick Mahomes truly want to establish a dynasty, back-to-back titles is a good place to start. It has happened three times since unrestricted free agency and the salary cap were instituted almost 30 years ago and ushered in the era of annual roster upheaval. Brady's New England Patriots Celebrate denver beating kansas city the last team to win back-to back titles in and But even making a repeat appearance in a Super Bowl is unusual. The Chiefs are the fourth team in the past 20 years to participate in at least two straight championship games.

It's because of the shift that takes place once you win, and all that goes on through those months of the offseason and the buildup and then the anticipation going through the start of the year, all of the stories and the storylines and the scenarios and all of that, and the mentality of the players and what they've just accomplished. I know that winning a Super Bowl is a big deal and all that, but winning two is really cool. Everyone wants a piece of the champs. Beating the Chiefs in Week 5 meant so much to coach Jon Gruden and the Las Vegas Raiders that their team buses circled Arrowhead Stadium for a victory lap on their way to the airport.

It's a phenomenon every defending champion has to deal with, and it's one reason repeating has been so difficult. Some teams are just going to measure their season by if they beat the defending Super Bowl champions. Returning to the Super Bowl wasn't easy for the Chiefs.

They did win a league-high 14 games during the regular season and two more to reach the Super Bowl, but at one point, they had eight straight victories by six points or fewer. No other NFL team had won so many consecutive games by such a small margin.

Celebrate denver beating kansas city

They seemed to be wearing down from taking every opponent's best shot. Opponents tried all manner of gadgets at unconventional times to try to beat the Chiefs, from attempting fourth-down conversions to onside kicks to fake punts. Mahomes said some opponents showed the Chiefs pass coverages they hadn't used before. Understanding that teams will be focused on you is one of the biggest hurdles. Since the Patriots won back-to-back titles inonly two Super Bowl winners have even returned to the big game the next year: the Seahawks following the season and the Patriots following the season.

Five teams during the same span did not return to the playoffs at all. You knew you had to bring your best game. It made us a better team.

Celebrate denver beating kansas city

And things have gotten more difficult even as the sport and its reach have gotten bigger. Teams are restrained in what they can spend for players by the salary cap, which began in The NFL has 32 now. Sharpe believes it is more difficult for a team to repeat in the era of social media, when everybody is a star and can claim credit for a championship. And the caterer thinks it's because the food was nice and hot. And the guy who did this and this is why and a guy who did that and this is why. You just have to understand you're part of a team and accept everybody played a role and all of the roles were ificant.

We did a good job of that, and we came in with the sole purpose [in ] of winning another one.

Celebrate denver beating kansas city

Now you've got the 48th guy thinking he's a brand, he's promoting something, he's on TikTok, trying to be a brand, and I know I'd be like, 'Bruh. It looks to me sometimes, guys are more concerned about likes and follows and clicks, more concerned about their brand than their brand of football. The Chiefs have done a nice job of navigating the minefields so far: complacency, taking everyone's best shot, salary-cap constraints and just the general pressure of repeating.

But they haven't yet finished the job. That's not what they did. They know it's a tough road to get where we want to go. They retained 20 of their 22 Super Bowl starters, although running back Damien Williams and guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif opted out for the season shortly before the start of training camp because of the COVID pandemic. The Packers went the following year but lost in the divisional round of the playoffs.

Celebrate denver beating kansas city

It could help you a little bit because you're not talking about it throughout the whole offseason program. It's not the responsibility that you have to deal with daily as far as conversations and answering questions. With all of last season's key players returning, the Chiefs used the theme of "Run it Back" as a marketing slogan.

It also became a rallying cry in the locker room, where players understood the championship window the Chiefs have open. Many of their best players are young, including Mahomes, who turned 25 in September. The only key Chiefs player who is over Celebrate denver beating kansas city is tight end Travis Kelce. He turned 31 in October and responded with 1, yards, the best season for a player at his position in NFL history.

I understand the intensity level that it takes to get there the first time. There's a certain 'climb the ladder' attitude that takes place the first time. The second time that you go, some of those motivations, it's not the same motivation that you had the first time. You really have to focus in on trying to be better, trying to challenge yourselves to be even greater than what you were that year. They restructured the contract of wide receiver Sammy Watkins to keep him around at a lower cost.

They even extended deals for Mahomes and Kelce, although both had time remaining on their existing contracts. They've done an unbelievable job keeping the team together. I've got a lot of respect for Kansas City. They've had great continuity on all three levels on defense and on offense.

The offseason for the Chiefs was unlike those of defending champions. The NFL canceled all in-person and organized workouts prior to training camp and practices because of the fear of spreading the coronavirus. Everything was done virtually instead.

That reduced opportunities for the Chiefs to celebrate their championship and potentially lose focus on training for It lasts a long time.

Celebrate denver beating kansas city

But in this year with no offseason and then having everybody back, I think it was over quickly. You're getting rings and you're getting this and you're getting that and you're getting invited to everything. Sometimes it can become a distraction for that team.

Sometimes the injury bug hits you, too, because guys didn't quite work out as hard as they had in past years. The Chiefs seem to understand their place in history. Beginning in the spring, they talked about the commitment it would take from each player and coach to be able to repeat. They're now one game away from pulling that off. But I think with our team, the little bit of difference that we have is that it feels like for every single guy on our team, once we won the Super Bowl -- we definitely celebrated for about a week or two -- it was that mindset of 'We're going to get back after it.

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Celebrate denver beating kansas city

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Celebrate denver beating kansas city

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