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The result is a robust suite of tools—used by over 2. Take 2 minutes now to open your free. If there is a birthplace of girls' schooling in Canada, it is most certainly in Ontario. The oldest girls' schools are located here, and the tradition of girls' schooling was developed here as well. Elmwood School.

Our high academic standards, small class sizes and safe, supportive environment ensure that each girl is inspired to reach her full potential. View School Profile. Clement's School. Toronto, Ontario — St. Clement's School's goal is to develop and equip compassionate, courageous, curious, and adaptable learners, empowering them to make impactful contributions in local, national, and global communities. Branksome Hall.

The Bishop Strachan School. View Profile. Students build the academic skills to thrive at university and beyond. Havergal College. Havergal has been preparing West Ontario girls women to make a difference since through its innovative curriculum and future-ready programming with a focus on wellness and student agency.

Mildred's-Lightbourn School. Hawthorn School. Hawthorn School is located in Toronto. We offer a co-ed toddler-SK program and an all girls program for grade 1- grade Our unique mentoring program is tailored to help students reach their full potential. Academie Jeanne d'Arc. In our all-girls environment, academic achievement in both official languages is the norm. A Joan of Arc Academy bilingual education prepares the women leaders for the challenges of tomorrow. Come and see the difference. The Linden School.

London International Academy. Holy Name of Mary College School. Trafalgar Castle School. Trafalgar Castle offers a close-knit, academically challenging environment where girls feel a strong sense of belonging and discover their unique talents and interests. From the beginning, the school was lead by a series of forthright women who had lived at the boundaries social and intellectual life, an experience that they brought to their role as educators. In the s, Mrs. The Bishop Strachan School has been endeavoring to fit you to become useful and courageous women.

I believe you will yet see our universities open to women. Work out your freedom, girls! To that end, we're pleased to announce the launch of the Our Kids Store by Microsoft. Gain access to exclusive discounts on Surface products—from laptops to accessories that support remote learning—at the Store through your Our Kids dashboard.

Despite the advances in the rights of women, traditional gender roles nevertheless are often unwittingly reinforced in academic and extracurricular settings. Science and technology are more likely to be promoted to boys than to girls; English and the arts are more likely to be promoted to girls than to boys. Athleticsthe prom, and many other aspects of student life can reinforce traditional roles and expectations.

Studies by the National Association for Choice in Education NACE and others have shown that girls in a single-sex environment are more likely to explore non-traditional subjects and activities. Absent from boys, girls perceive new areas of opportunity, something that is encouraged by the presence of female mentors and role models.

In other ways, participation is the result of little more than the environment itself. To be the best hockey player in the school—rather than the best female hockey player in the school—can provide an added motivation. Learn about how girls excel at girls only schools, understand why and how programming is deed and meet with the top 9 schools in the GTA. Don't miss it. Free registration at www. Maria Montessori wanted kids to West Ontario girls kids, allowing them to learn in ways that were social and engaging.

She would have loved the York School. The Store is available through your user dashboard, allowing you access to exclusive discounts on Surface products, from laptops to accessories that support remote learning.

With courses, a faculty of 70, and students, Blyth Academy Online is demonstrating what online learning can be. Your school-choice journey starts here. Already have an Our Kids ? Log in. Please also see our Privacy Policy.

Home: Private Schools. Find Schools. Advice Guide. Admissions Pathway. Find Schools Find Schools. Compare Schools. School Reviews. Advice Guide Advice Guide. Meet Schools Admissions Pathway Welcome to Our Kids. Ontario girls' schools Find girls' schools in Ontario listed below. List of Ontario girls' schools. Sort Name Cost.

Our Kids Review. School Videos 1. Our Kids Review User Reviews 1. Our Kids Review User Reviews 5. Day Progressive Reggio Emilia. Day Progressive. User Reviews 2. Boarding Traditional International Baccalaureate. Types of Girls' Schools. Related Schools. Shop exclusive deals at the Our Kids Store by Microsoft To further serve the families who turn to us, we've been working with Microsoft to innovate in support of online learning. Launch the Store from dashboard.

Our Kids Store by Microsoft is now live! A better way to learn With courses, a faculty of 70, and students, Blyth Academy Online is demonstrating what online learning can be. Start here: Five steps to finding the perfect school. But Maria Montessori would have loved it, nonetheless: the school is animated by a passionate focus on making learning hands-on, social and engaging.

May 5, The evolution and controversies of online learning in the classroom Perspectives, opinions, and debates. May 4, The pros and cons of online learning in schools The viability of an online learning school. May 4, Questions to ask schools West Ontario girls their online learning approaches What you need to know about online learning in schools. To shortlist this school Create your Already have an Our Kids ?

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West Ontario girls

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