Mwm Kootenai seeking top

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Mwm Kootenai seeking top

School Dls-1 Hooson schools, is visiting with the trict No. Cascade County. Mon- 1 Bocock family, north of town, for a tana. All s that fire ravished the building and seriously threatened to burn it to the ground have been removed and with repairs and remodeling of the top. Outstanding In the appearance of the building is the absence of a heavy five-foot timber cornice that at the time of the fire endangered members of the fire department and volunteer fire fighters. It has been replaced by a full terra cotta cornice. The new de follow? Fireproof features have been added to reDlace the tile roof that prevented the firemen from fighting the blaze in the timbered attic and led to the destruction of the entire top of the bjuilding.

About eight feet have been added to the height of the structure, which was redeed bv Johannes Van Teyllngen. Terra Cotta Belt Starting above the third story windows a terra cotta belt course, 18 inches high was placed to break the straight brick facing needed to raise the roof. On top of that is placed two fet of tapestry brick laid on a basket bond which gives a peculiar weave effect and adds to the artistic handling of the work.

Above this pattern rlse. It composed of five members of different des and sets the entire building off to advantage. On top of the cornice is another strip of tapestry brick about 20 inches high and around the top of the entire structure runs a Mwm Kootenai seeking top cotta coping.

In the center of the front of the building and on each side Is a section of terra cotta balllsters. The entire outside surface of the building was cleaned with acidic preparations to remove all fire strains and the building appears to have been newlv constructed rather than salvaged from a fire. Fireproof Roof The former roof, which was sloping and constructed of heavy red tile, was accredited with being the cause of the fire getting the headway it did. It left to the flames the entire Mwm Kootenai seeking top which was a mass of timbers. This has been replaced by a tar and gravel roof that is entirely fireproof.

It is divided Into nine separate sections each equipped with a manhole into the interior of the attic. By extending the walls of the JBfi laaaw. To the experienced builder, probably the most ificant feature of the reconstruction is the interior of the school. All ceilings have been replastered with metal laths and whatever there was the least indication of water damage, the walls were also replastered. In each case all plaster was removed and completely replaced.

All ceilings and walls have received three coats of paint with an enamel effect, the walls being a light grey and the ceilings a cream color. Practically the entire building was refloored, the rooms and halls having a maple covering. Desks which suffered from fire or water have been renovated and repaired and were sanded and revarnlshed. New clothes lockers were installed and 20 new blackboards were added.

Plumbing Ione Over Two toilet rooms on the northeast corner were replaced with new fixture and terraza floors and the entire heating and plumbing systems were gone over by the Collins Plumb ing company. Wherever pipes were i twisted by heat and tension, tney were replaced. The wiring has been checked and the ventilating system renovated and renewed where darn-aged.

Mwm Kootenai seeking top

All stairways are reconstructed of new material. With little time to sacrifice and with the possibility of inclement weather, which might add to the damage caused by the fire. Exact cause of the fire, which broke out shortly Mwm Kootenai seeking top 7 the evening of April Following the fire, a double schedule was arranged for the class rooms of the Central high school, a crowded condition which will be eliminated with the reopening of the Junior high school.

Morton to George Huettner, of 1 percent on s ne. Morton to J. Roll, of 1 percent on ne, w, 1. Sunburst Oil and Refining company to John H. Jansen, of 1 percent on sw nw, w se, nw ne, lw, Jansen, ol 1 percent on ne n se, W, McCurdy to Otto D. Gray, of 1 percent on se sw, w, II. Tarrant to W. Campbell to Harry J. Coull-lard, part in s ne w, Hulda and Harry E. Harte to Stuart W. Hannah, of 1 percent on se sw w, tl. Stuart W. Hannah to Hulda Harte. Reed of Second avenue north and Grover Black of the Ayrshire dairy were charged with reckless driving Sunday evening following an automobile accident on Central avenue off Sixth street, in which Miss Arline Allen of Third avenue north, who was riding with Reed, received an injury to her nose.

Both men were released under bond to appear In police court this afternoon at 3. According to the report at the police station. Reed, who was driving a car belonging to John Cates of La Grande, Ore was backing out from the curb when the car was struck tn the rear by the machine driven by Black. The front end of the Ela-ck car was caved in and the car was removed by a wrecker, while gas tank and rear bumper on Reed's car were broken.

So it the steadv breeze from a Westinghouse fan. Westinghouse fans bring this quiet coolness into offices, homes stores, restaurants.

Mwm Kootenai seeking top

There's a special Home Fan, and special fans for commercial use. Stevenson, the Great Falls Klwanls club is making an effort to have a large delegation at the Montana district convention to be held at Butte on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. Reports received by Mr. Stevenson a few days ago indicated that the local club will have a good representation at the state meeting.

Butte Kiwanians are exerting themselves to make the convention the best the Montana district has yet had. Much entertainment Is being arranged. The business program is a heavy one. Several of the International officers are scheduled to take part. According to custom, each of the olubs will have a stunt to present. No announcement has been made concerning what the Great Falls Kiwanians Intend to do for the amusement of the con-ention, but there will probably be some sineine. The Klwanls club is having no luncheon today because of commercial day.

Hornsby Retains Batting Title as Paul Waner Rests Bondsman Arrested as He Surrenders Prisoner at Jail Robert Tucker, charged with violation of the national prohibition act, was returned to the county Jail Sunday when Joseph Moody withdrew the bond furnished originally for Tucker's release but Moody was forced to furnish a bond for the release of himself before he could leave the Jail. Reports at the sheriff's office are that Tucker failed to meet Moody at the time they had agreed. When Tucker did find him. Tucker, at the time, had a revolver in his pocket, A short time after the pair reached the Jail Moody was arrested on a warrant charging carrying concealed weapons and second degree assault, sworn to by Mrs.

Mwm Kootenai seeking top drop In the price of call money has caused a stir In the financial circle and there is much conjecture as to what the trend will be. Business remains active, according to the latter.

Mwm Kootenai seeking top

There Is much building. The most serious aspect of the pres- j ent situation Is the agricultural condition. The letter follows: "The drop in price of call money Thursday, momentary though It may have been, afforded a ray of hope to those who have been waiting for the top so far as the price of money and the bottom so far as the price of bonds is concerned, would be reached.

Others express the opinion that we have reached the top of the money market and the trend will be downward from now on for that commodity and upward so far as the price of securities are concerned. This fact In Itself might portend a decline in expenditures such as con struction and equipment, but "ven tola is not yet evident. Industry Is Active "Building construction for a large portion of the country was the Mgh-est on record for July and considerably above a month ago.

Reports from Industry as a whole convey an Impression of 'musual act: Itj for midsummer. The ste"! While wheat, cotton and potatoes may rank below corn In total value, nevertheless they are Important sources of money for the farmer In autumn. JP Elvin White, Rogers HoamsDy hammered Cincinnati pitching for one out of three Sunday to keep his average motionless at.

Babe Ruth dashed three points upward to. Harry 'Hellmann got two safeties, to Washington, climbing three notches to. The weather man changed his usual menu for the clerks and their families and withheld the rain for one day at least.

Besides the stores, city offices and banks will be closed Monday. County offices will remain open as the statute which deates stat and county holidays does not include Commercial day. Monarch "Murder" Mystery Unsolved Following another all-day search. Deputy Sheriff Mwm Kootenai seeking top Locke and Probation Officer Guy Paglachl returned Sunday night from Monarch with no more information relative to the asserted murder of an unidentified Mexican laborer Tuesday night than was available following the first report of the alleged killing.

Every avenue which might afford information was traversed by the officers Sunday and every person who might he ab'e to throw some light on the mystery was questioned. Investigation of Mwm Kootenai seeking top resources of northern Montana with a view of ascertaining prospects for pulp developments in this state has been made during the last week by Elers Koch and Philip Neff of the district forest offices.

Neff has returned from the Blackfeet and Kootenai forests, where the survey of the possibilities has been carried on. The lower North Fork unit on the Black-feet, near Glacier park, alone contains The lodgepole pine Is being used to a great extent for ties for railways and some operations are now In progress there. Bradner says that the West Gallatin highway into the park Is in good condition, though some work Is being carried on. Livestock markets registered new highs thus materially benefitting the buying power of the live stock regions.

Securities Market Affected "The impending money crisis still effects the securities markets tremendously although the situation In the past day or two, has given rise to the hope In many directions that the situation will soon return to normal. A notable feature of the situation is the revelation of the Immense sums of money, attracted by high rates of Interest, that have been loaned to Wall street by corporations and individuals. Is not needed for normal requirements, surplus funds of corporations awaiting the moment when they are required in Industry; uninvested moneys of Individuals, Institutions and trusts awaiting a favorable moment for investment.

Mwm Kootenai seeking top Mwm Kootenai seeking top

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