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40% discount at the AC Hotel Raleigh North Hills

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Promo code at the AC Hotel Raleigh North Hills, that provides approximately 40% discount off the flexible rates.

Please click the link below to make the reservation:

In the search form, in the field "Special rates" select the option "Corporate/Promo" and type there the code NQA then just perform the search as usual.

In the search results, this discounted rate is the first one that appears and is called "North Carolina State U rate". It is a fully flexible rate and when you compare it with the standard flexible rate you will notice a discount of 40% on most dates.

We found this discounted rate on the website of North Carolina State University, which offers these special rates to parents and families of students.

There is no proof of eligibility required to benefit from this rate and, if asked at the reception, mention that you intend to visit the campus and that this special rate was advertised on the university's website as available for online booking for the families of students.

Let us know how this discounted rate at the AC Hotel Raleigh North Hills worked for you.


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