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Free one-way car rentals worldwide

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

This is a typical win-win situation between a vendor and a client.

Car rental companies often need to move cars from one location to another, because, for an example, a previous client picked-up a car from a location and dropped it off at another location and afterwards the car needs to be transferred back to its base.

In these circumstances, some big car rental companies offer a one-way rental for a fee of only 1 € / £ / $.

Everybody wins:

  • the car rental companies come out much cheaper than if they had to transport the car by trailer or have one of their employees move the car
  • the client gets a free one-way transfer from a place to another.

How "free" is this for a client:

  • the client still has to pay for fuel, which is not included (or any other extras, such as extra insurance coverage or GPS)
  • the client has a short (starting from 24 hours in Europe to a couple of days elsewhere) and a limited number of kilometers included, enough to move the car from point A to point B (so you cannot drive one week for unlimited number of kilometres and then at the end just drop-off the car at the destination).

This is usually a good deal for those who do a tour during their holiday (for example a couple of days in Barcelona, then off to Madrid, then after another couple of days move south to Seville, and so on).

Below are the direct links to the websites of the rental companies where you can find which cars and which itineraries are available:

Australia & New Zealand

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