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How to save on hotels in the Nordic countries in Europe

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Whether you've travelled or are planning to travel to the Nordic countries in Europe (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland), you must have noticed that hotels are rather expensive and getting a good price on quality hotels is difficult.

One of the best solutions to book good hotels at decent prices in the Nordics is staying at Choice Hotels and paying with points.

Choice Hotels the best hotel chain in the Nordic countries Norway Sweden Denmark Finland

Choice Hotels is an international chain of hotels, with a strong presence in the United States, but with properties spread out worldwide, including Europe.

There are about 200 Choice Hotels in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, so plenty of choice (pun intended :)

Some of the Choice Hotels brands you might be familiar with in Europe are: Quality Hotels, Clarion or Clarion Collection and Comfort Hotels.

This is the 4-step booking process to save money on hotels in the Nordic countries in Europe:


Join their Choice Rewards loyalty programme for free:

If you are already a member of the Choice Rewards programme, skip this step and remember to stay in Choice Hotels whenever you have the occasion (especially when your employer is paying for room :), in order to gather loyalty points and enjoy free nigts during your holidays.


Search for Choice Hotels in the destination you are interested in and note down how much money would that cost if you paid cash and how many points you would need if you paid with points.

Choice Rewards points are sold in increments of 1 000 points, which cost $11.

So if a night may be paid with 8 000 points, this means that you will actually pay only $ 88 (or about € 70), which you need to compare with the cash rate to see if it's worth it (and most of the time it is).


Buy the number of points you need (you can buy up to 50 000 points in a year).

At certain times during the year, there will be promotions which offer up to 30% - 40% bonus points on top of the regular number of points. That would be the most lucrative time when to buy these points. Please follow our Facebook page, as we will keep you updated when these promotions are activated.


Login into your Choice Rewards account and reserve your room using the points just bought.

That's it. It requires a bit of time, but you will make significant savings on your hotel in the Nordic countries in Europe.


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