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25$ discount for hotels booked with Roomer

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Roomer is a new hotel discounter that we strongly recommend checking out when looking for your accommodation for your next trip.

What makes this site different is the fact that it acts as a marketplace for non-refundable reservations: is a person holds such a reservation made on another website and cannot make the trip, he/she can put it up for sale on Roomer and any interested person can buy it.

For example, if I made a non-refundable reservation on Expedia for 200$, but because of unexpected events I can no longer make the trip, I face two scenarios:
- lose 200$ because I cannot get back the money, since the reservation was non-refundable;
- put the reservation up for sale on Roomer with a price I consider appropriate (it can be higher or lower than the price I booked on Expedia). Usually people will put it for sale at a lower price, because they are interested in selling the room and recovering some of the money that would otherwise be lost.

For those looking to buy a discounted room, you can get 25$ discount if you sign up for a free account using the link below:

Get 25$ on your first hotel booking with Roomer

This credit can be used on your first purchase higher than 100$ (it will be automatically deducted from the amount you have to pay).

All reservations made with Roomer are non-refundable, so book only if your travel plans are firm.


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