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20% discount at Hyatt properties worldwide

Monday, January 13, 2014

Before proceeding with any hotel reservation for Hyatt properties, it is advisable to see if you qualify for their Best Rate Guarantee. 

This means that if you find a cheaper rate elsewhere prior to or within 24 hours from booking directly with Hyatt, they will give you the room at 20% discount compared to the cheaper rate..

For example: the room costs 100$ on Hyatt´s website, you find it at 80$ on another website (e.g. Orbitz), then the final cost for your room will be 64$ (being the 80$ for the room minus the 20% additional discount).

It might not always work, as sometimes there are no cheaper rates elsewhere, but it is worth trying.

Main conditions:

- an online claim must be made prior to or within 24 hours from the reservation made on Hyatt´s website. That means that you can actually claim a guarantee event if you had NOT made a reservation. That also means that you can claim even for non-refundable rates, but do that prior to actually making the reservation (so that you can have an alternative is the claim is not accepted);

- the guarantee is valid for room-only bookings;

- the cheaper price found elsewhere must be for the same room with the same reservation conditions (i.e., same hotel, same type of room, same number of guests, same dates of stay and same length of stay);

- opaque providers of hotel rooms, such as and, that do not reveal the hotel brand name until after you have pre-paid your hotel room do not qualify for the guarantee.

Here are the full terms and conditions:

Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee

How the Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee works, in four simple steps:

Step 1

Look for your preferred hotel to see the room rates on Hyatt´s official website - see link below:

Hyatt hotel reservations

Do not make the reservation yet, just write down the preferred room and rate.

Step 2

Search the same room at the same hotel on online travel agencies (e.g. Expedia, Travelocity, etc.). You can see the comprehensive list of travel agencies we use following the link below:

Our preferred online hotel booking websites

Note the web address of the travel agency and the amount of cheaper rate found - the "Comparison rate". Do NOT make any reservation on that website, as the final purpose is to make a discounted reservation through the Hyatt official website.

Step 3 (optional)

Make a reservation through Hyatt´s official website - see link below:

Hyatt hotel reservations

Note down the reservation number, as you will need it for the claim (in step 4).

Step 4

Prior to or within 24 hours from the Hyatt reservation, fill in this claim form.

You should get a reply within 24 hours of making the claim.

If you cannot find a cheaper rate elsewhere, write us an e-mail at and we will try to help you.

Leave a comment at the end of this article to share your experience in claiming the Hyatt´s Best Rate Guarantee.


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