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15€ HipAway discount code until 12 April 2013

Friday, April 5, 2013

HipAway is a German based distributor of discounted rooms of "secret hotels" (being hotels for which you find out the name of the hotel after purchase - like's TopSecret Hotels, or Priceline's Express Deals).

We have already used HipAway to book the 5-star Hilton Budapest Westend for 54€, or the 4-star San Ranieri Hotel in Pisa, Italy for 52€.

They currently offer a 15€ discount on all hotel bookings made until 12 April 2013 (stays throughout 2013). The HipAway coupon code is  T646 .

See our previous post on how you can uncover the secret hotels and how to apply to discount code -> here


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