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Expedia Secret Saver Hotels - deep hotel discounts on unnamed hotels

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Similar to's TopSecret Hotels or Priceline's Express Deals, Expedia also offers large discounts on hotels whose names you find out only after making the reservation.

See this banner to go to the Expedia secret saver hotels and start your search:

For example, we looked for a 2 night stay over the week-end 17-19 May 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic. 7 results were given by Expedia:

From the the search results, the 3rd in list caught our attention (see print-screen above). Clicking on its description, you get the following information regarding this 4-star hotel:
- free internet, free breakfast;
- indoor pool;
- fitness center;
- an indicative map of where the hotel is located:

With all these information in mind, we proceed to, where we will search for hotels in Prague during the same dates. Then, in the results page, we filter for the facilities the hotel has (4-star, internet, fitness, pool, etc.):

There are 7 hotels in the filtered results. Then, we clicked to see these hotels on the map, to compare their location to the indicative area provided by Expedia:

There are 3 hotels shown by Welness Hotel Step, Hotel Duo and Clarion Congress Hotel Prague. Using the additional information that internet is free and a golf course is nearby, we came to the conclusion that the Secret Saver Hotel is Clarion Congress Hotel Prague.

As a tip, take into account the elements that differentiate the most the short listed hotels (like the golf nearby in our case). Also, check out the Expedia description of the short listed hotels, as if you were performing your regular search, when you could see the names of the hotels.

Thus, with Expedia Secret Saver Hotels you buy 2 nights at the Clarion for 111£, while the same room on costs 205£ (almost double).


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