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Writer's block :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Apologies for not posting anything these past 24 hours.

However, there were hardly any deals around, and those that were advertised by hotels / airlines, did not pass our test :)

There are many coupon / discount sites that just post anything that flies. We try to stay away from that practice, as it's not beneficial to anybody (merchants, publishers or travellers).

A good deal is the one that stands the comparison test. As an example: a hotel offer is good only if it provides a financial advantage significantly higher than the one you could get with your regular booking websites (starting from around 10% saving and higher).

That being said, we'll make sure to keep those true offers coming, and you, you please make sure to remain critical of anything you read or see (this blog included, as we all might make mistakes).

See you in the tourist crowds taking photos (not with an iPad, please).

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