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What is European Plan (EP) for hotel accommodation

Thursday, August 30, 2012

You may have already encountered the case when, trying to make a hotel reservation, the description of a hotel room shows "European Plan (EP)".

Well, European Plan is referring to the meals included in the room rate and means that NO MEALS are included (not even breakfast).

Basically, European Plan means no plan at all. It's kind if ironic that it's called lilke that, but it is one of those marketing gimmicks (just as the notion of a 3-door car, when in fact it is a 2-door car, as nobody will use the trunk as a door, or, who knows :).

Expedia.com says that:

- European Plan means room only;
- Continental Plan equals continental breakfast (without any cooked food);
- American Plan (or all-inclusive) containts three meals a day, but without drinks (full board / full pension system from Europe);
- Modified American Plan is breakfast plus lunch, or breakfast plus dinner (the half-board, half-pension known in Europe).


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