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One night stay in Baden-Baden for a family of four

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Below are some of the best hotel rates for a one night stay for a family of four at the end of August in Baden-Baden, Germany:

- Hotel Altenberg, at 140 euro, for a 42 sqm apartment with breakfast included, free Wi-Fi and parking. This deal is on

- Hotel Zur Laube at 140 euro for a 25 sqm family room, breakfast included, but without Wi-Fi on

- Hotel Neuer Karlshof at 139 euro  for two adjoining rooms, without breakfast nor Wi-Fi on

The first in list is the best hotel option for Baden Baden, as it has great customer reviews, it is a proper apartment and the price includes all those extras.

We made a simulation for the night of 28-29 August 2012, so you would have to adjust the dates to your specific situation.

PS: if you are looking for help in finding the best hotel rates in other destinations, leave a comment with the details (date, location, number of persons).


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